Every journey begins with a single step….

…Capture it and it lasts a lifetime!

Or in this case Blog it.

The first Blog is always the hardest I’m sure, there’s so many ideas in my head but I need to get it all down before I have a brain fart, or the littlen wakes up… so the race is on.

Firstly I would like to introduce myself a bit more and tell you how I got here- sat on my bed, rain pouring down outside and absolutely no chance of the yellow warning for snow actually happening, with my dwindling supply of tissues from the cold I still haven’t kicked. In general I have never been a ‘blog kind of person’, if there is such a thing. I hate to read, I am more of a film watcher, not the avid watch the most recent films kind; I watch the rubbish chick flicks that almost everyone has in their cupboard or a kids film. I have absolutely no idea what is going on in the ‘celeb world’ or any clue about the latest fashion. The only fashion trend I can just about manage the majority of the times I leave the house is getting dressed. That said the pyjamas are usually straight back on when I get home. Yet here I am giving this a go.

I am always coming up with random thoughts and ideas, my brain is on constantly. This is probably due to being in education (never having the down time) almost right up to having my little one; I found out I was pregnant in my final year at university, which was very much un-planned (I will write about it in a future blog). As I’m sure many mums find, being a stay at home mum is lonely so there are many people I share these things with; having moved back home after university I had no other mummy friends, not helped by the fact that where I live is very cliquey, so I was well and truly put of toddler and baby groups. In search of some form of outlet to focus and keep my brain productive the thought of blogging came about. This is an idea I have been toying with for a while but I finally decided to get my arse in gear and as nike would say.. ‘JUST DO IT’!

So here we go, I am going to Blog about mine and my toddlers life, adventures, creations, the random stuff she comes out with, along with a bit about my illness and my journey to be able to have another baby. I will be honest (probably opinionated) and try and share as much real life as possible. Right now Amelia is shouting ‘Mummy, I awake, get me out of here now’ so I should probably go do that before she has a complete melt down!





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