2017… Hopes and Dreams


So I’m not one for new years resolutions particularly, but I do often set myself things to aim for; my hopes and dreams per se. This year is like no other for me, I am ‘free’ in the sense I am not tied to education, a job etc. although being a full time parent doesn’t exactly qualify me as completely free. Obviously my daughter is now two years old, so really I should have been in this position at the start of last year but unfortunately I was tied to my Lupus flare up. October 2015 my flare up started and it has taken me most part of 2016 to get myself back to some sort of normality (for those of you who don’t know what Lupus or SLE is I will post a separate blog about how it effects me). So 2017 and I am finally getting my health in control, I started to think what I actually want to achieve this year…

Firstly I wanted to do Something for ME. at first I wasn’t entirely sure what I meant by this. I have never really taken time for myself, I don’t go to the gym, do any clubs or activities, have my nails done or anything like that. The most me time I gave myself was a cup of tea and a film in my bed after small person was asleep and the house was sorted. I am quite creative and when it comes to peoples Birthday and Christmas I enjoy doing some sewing, a drawing, paper cutting or making them a cake, although this was ‘me time’ where I wasn’t focused on the child or house, the benefits were for others. So what to do. My down time whilst trying to decide and see what it was I might do for myself bought me across the lovely Mrs Meldrum and family (if you don’t follow her already you should). I was never one to read blogs or watch vlogs as any others I came across I either thought were a bit cringe or really fake. This opened a whole new world for me, the more I watched the more I thought about having ago. So here I am this is for me, my real life on the internet and who knows a bit of confidence and I might even start to Vlog my adventures too.

Second up and probably the one I am most keen for is Baby Number.2. I have been asked so often when I am going to have the next one, at first I was sure there was ever going to be a next one as Steve and myself weren’t actually together. We never wanted to be together for the sake of Amelia but having worked at our problems we’ve come to realise we do quite like each other after all (you would think after 9 years we would have known this). Now Baby 2 has been a big want and possibility for a while, the one thing in the way is my medication. I am currently on Methotrexate and steroids which means I am not allowed to get pregnant yet and can’t for around 5 months after being off the medication. For me being told I can’t just try for something I really want right now has been really tough with very little light at the end of the tunnel but after a recent specialist appointment I have had the go ahead to wean down the steroids (slowly but surely) and waiting for the doctor to switch me to different medication (with any luck this will happen in may). So I will be blogging my journey with all its joys and possible heartache along the way. But fingers crossed this year we will get some good news.

Make my House a Home. I think every mum must feel the same about clutter, there is so much ‘stuff’ in my house, I am sure they are crawling out the woodwork. How do parents especially with young children manage to keep their living room tidy? And what are all those odd wires for? Please tell me your tricks. Every evening it looks like someone has been playing Jamanji or a bomb has gone off. I am desperate give everything a place and make it my place. I have so many ideas for what I would love to do to make the house more homely but have that annoying struggle of being in rented accommodation. We need more storage, a lick of paint, shelves that are practical and look nice and to complete my nesting I will get round to those last few up-cycling  projects that got put on hold last year. I really want to make the property a bit nicer than the magnolia walls and dreary curtains I have put up with the last 2 years but I need to get my landlord on side, does bribery work? It certainly does with my two year old. 

Get Saving!
We are all in desperate need of a holiday, camping in the Isle of White last year just didn’t quite cut it for me, as brilliant as it was, it rained quite a lot and 
as I have been there a fair amount since I was young our adventures were quite well known places for me. I want sun, sand and site seeing. Having said this is there actually any sun in Scotland? It seems to be our next possible adventure on the cards (only 9 years in waiting). Having never been it is new to me but quite literally home to my Scottish born and bred Mr. I am a bit worried   that by going up there, he might start thinking he’s Braveheart or talking with an accent and saying words I don’t understand like ‘boggin’. My student overdraft is getting smaller by the month, my focus now is to save as much as possible. I’ve always been good at budgeting but my downfall is food shopping, with the help of meal plans and not going to the shop when I’m hungry (constantly buying things I don’t need that way) I will make a budget and stick to it!

Which leads me to my final want for the year Be Organised!  I write to do lists like there is no tomorrow, I love planning, especially theoretic planning (things like plan holidays I can’t afford). But I seem to have pretty poor follow through at the moment, I partly think it came with being ill last year but this year I plan to be super organised. I am going to know what meals I’m cooking each day (not let it get to 5pm and realise all I have is eggs and bread). I also want to be more organised with what activities or adventures small one and I are going on and basically stop ‘winging it’ every single day, we both need more friends so toddler groups are going to happen *grits teeth, cries into a pillow* (I’m not a fan). Armed with my new organiser (the one in the picture)- I am totally loving the sections, the to-do list also has shopping lists pages- I will succeed! 

So that’s my plans for 2017. With a bit of faith, trust and pixie dust who knows I might check of my entire to do list this year… wish me luck.







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