Rainy Day Jar!


Since Amelia was very small I have had a rainy day jar which sits on our windowsill filled with activities we can do on those all too often rainy days in the UK (and those days we feel a little blue). It is the perfect thing for when I am lacking imagination or motivation to do anything. We simply pick out a piece of paper and that is what we have to do (you can not argue with the jar!). As Amelia has grown I have catered what is in the jar to her interests and abilities. I also have so many ideas for the future.

So now Amelia is 2 years old this is what is in our jar:

Craft Activities:

  • Cutting and Sticking
  • Potato Printing
  • Make pasta necklaces
  • Make and decorate binoculars
  • Make musical instruments
  • Painting with bubble wrap
  • Hand and foot prints
  • Make and decorate butterflies/ dinosaurs
  • Make paper boats float them in the bath
  • Dress up as a princess/pirate/witch and make your accessories
  • Play with Playdoh

Baking Activities:

  • Make Chocolate Brownies/Flapjack
  • Make and decorate fairy cakes
  • Icing Biscuits
  • Help mummy make lunch/dinner (get your child cutting & peeling/ cutting out sandwich shapes etc.)
  • Bake biscuits and decorate

Going on an adventure:

  • Go on a bear hunt (indoor or outdoor if you are brave enough)
  • Go for a wet walk and jumpy in muddy puddles
  • Go to the toy shop and buy a new toy/game/craft activity
  • Go to soft play
  • Go to a café for a little treat
  • Go on a train journey (this can be an actual train or an imaginary making your sofa/ washing basket a train and using your imagination)
  • Go to the woods
  • Go swimming
  • Ice Skating (we did this over Christmas and all loved it so it was added to our jar, look at your local ice rink for toddler sessions)


  • The floor is LAVA you can’t stand on it (quick grab the sofa cushions to help you move)
  • Build a den and eat lunch/tea inside it
  • Have a teddy bears picnic in the sitting room
  • Bath your animals/dinosaurs
  • Build and do an obstacle course
  • Play hunt the toy
  • Find as many items you can of the same colour
  • Find something beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Watch a film with a hot chocolate and some popcorn
  • Read lots and lots of stories
  • Turn the music up and dance around the kitchen

We love getting our jar down and seeing what activity we will be doing that day. Throughout the year I collect craft bits (scraps of nice wrapping paper, pieces of cardboard etc.) so these activities don’t have to cost. The few that do cost money either come out of small ones Christmas/ Birthday  money or the pot of loose change (the random coins in our pockets, or slipped down the side of the sofa). If you are Pintrest savvy (which I am really not) I am sure there are millions of ideas on there too, you’ll be surprised how quickly the jar fills up.

A few ideas for the future:

  • Make a puppet theatre and do puppet show
  • Act out our favourite story book (the older they get the more independently this can be done)
  • Make up a dance/play
  • Cinema
  • Bowling
  • Board Games- either ones we have or make our own
  • Random drive and see where we end up

As the weather improves keep an eye out on my Blog, I will update you with our spring/summer bucket list (activities we have to do before the weather changes again).




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