Help! Potty Training!

Ok so lets face it, any parents dreads the time they have to start potty training right?

The sheer fear of having wee and poo EVERYWHERE!! The amount of extra washing you will obviously be doing and the complicated task of how the hell do I actually teach my child to go to the toilet. WAIT their bums are so small they will fall right in… so what do I need for this whole debacle??

Amelia is now 2 years and 4 months (ish) old and I fully admit I have been putting off the definitive potty training push. For months I have left it up to her whether she wears a nappy or uses the potty. It has now reached the stage she really should be potty trained fully. She is ready for it and so I am. I am by no means an expert, frankly I am winging it, I haven’t read a single book or anything so I might well be doing it all wrong but here’s our journey so far:

First things first, Amelia started to tell me when she needed/had already done a wee (this is what started us on this mission).

Secondly, we bought a Potty. In fact we bought two, one for upstairs and one for down.

Next I introduced Amelia to her new best friend the potty. Except she didn’t love it and didn’t want to sit on it at all at first. So that’s when the bribery started! O yes, my sweet toothed child would only sit on the potty if it meant she got a chocolate button after a successful wee (if you haven’t already fallen in to this evil genius trap AVOID! Or use something like stickers, I just didn’t have any at the time).

Cue brilliant mummy plan, lets see if she prefers a kiddies toilet seat instead. Me being a cheap skate bought one from Poundland- win right.  No! The first time she sat on it the whole seat slipped and her little bum nearly went straight in the toilet. I am genuinely a bit worried she has been scarred for life and will still be using a potty at the age of 30.

So armed with the potty and an occasional ‘lets just try’, it was time to up the anti. To the shops for big girl knickers. I let Amelia pick her own knickers as I wanted her to not want to get them wet. At first we just got the one pack to try see how she got on. My best bit of advice, one pack is NOT enough. You will get through that one pack in a day! Unless you are supermum and wash them before the next ones get wet, you need lots. Amelia was only doing a little drip in them but then refused to wear them at all wet- dirty mummy would have made her keep them on.

Having been under prepared in the knicker department I started to let her walk around bare bummed at home. GENIUS- we cracked it, no accidents. Oh just when things are going so well, new knickers on… accident! ‘that’s ok we will try again’… another accident… no knickers on… accident free!

So we are now at that stage of inconsistency. Over Christmas, rushing around we barely even tried using the potty unless she was bare bummed and at home all day. It’s now time we crack this once and for all. I am not bothering with potty books, many wees now are going un-rewarded- a high five or a yay well done but NO chocolate, unless she specifically asks (which thankfully she keeps forgetting). She has started asking to go to the potty when she has a nappy on, although more often by the time we get there she has done the wee already.

So what next:

Cold turkey: I am going to bite the bullet and not let her wear nappies at home, knickers it is!

Go out: her having an accident in public is obviously a big fear but it has to be done sooner or later. We will start with short journeys and increase them the less accidents there are. Potty before we go, potty when we get there and a travel potty just in case we are caught short.

Be consistent: No more being in nappies one day and not the next. We have both been pretty lazy till now with it as lets face it ‘it’s just easier’.

Fingers crossed we will crack this pretty soon! Wish us luck!


A Country Mummas Potty Training Essentials:

  • A POTTY/ Toilet seat and step.
  • LOTS and LOTS of Knickers/Pants (I personally hate pull ups as it is confusing for the child, Pants they can wee in but not allowed to? hmm)
  • Travel Potty (Potette Plus or similar for those longer journeys/outdoor adventures)
  • Washing Powder! or even better something like Napisan (in case there is a No.2 Bomb)
  • Antibacterial spray/wipes (anything to clean up the messes)
  • Flushable wet wipes (much easier as you can wipe and put it in the toilet with the rest instead of having them in the bin)
  • Consistency
  • Patience
  • DRINK! (of your choosing, it may be needed. Please don’t give it to your child!)







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