Potty Training Update

HELPPPP!!!! I’m so tired of cleaning up of wee!!

We are no further forward than we were a few weeks ago. We started the very next day, I was upbeat and ready for the challenge. Potty at the ready, cleaning sprays on standby, nappy off, knickers on, let’s go!

In the first 10 minutes, accident number 1. First hour, accidents 2 and 3, shortly followed by 4 and 5 (all before 11am)…. how do kids wee so much? Ready to leave the house, five outfits down, three outfits packed ready to leave the house, I was questioning it – why am I even contemplating leaving the house without a nappy? I know she can use the potty, but only when she wants too, maybe she needs a bit more pressure placed on going? Why does she only have an accident seconds after she has refused to ‘just try’? I was convinced we needed to keep going, I needed to be braver… Then it happened number 6! On the front door step as we were leaving the house, potty literally next to her ready to go in the car. KIDS!!! I stormed in the house, got her changed and quit! I’m not proud of it but I put the nappy back on wanting the easier option. Clearly that was not our day.

The days that followed we were in and out, then went away and it’s fair to say I didn’t even try. Her behaviour in general has been very up and down, she has been pushing her boundaries, telling me no, ignoring me and answering back- when I tell her something is naughty all I get in response is ‘mummy don’t be rude’ or ‘I not naughty, I funny’. She has also been irregular in her sleep patterns- since A. was small I have been very spoilt when it comes to sleep, she has almost always napped in the day and has slept through the night, usually till 7.30 ish, recently this has jumped to 5am (for any parent that has this as the norm you are superparents!!). With me weaning down my tablets it makes for one very tired and not so patient mummy. I can’t blame her for this, I am still being inconsistent and probably a bit unfair. I know it will happen and in her own time, I need to learn her time is not the same as mine. I worry we already missed the prime time for her to start using the potty when I was ill last year as she now seems to have regressed. I worry about the ever closer first day at preschool and her being the only one not potty trained (what would everyone else say). I worry I’m not cut out to teach her the basic childhood milestones.

But she can do it, every now and again she will take herself to the potty, take off her nappy and use it successfully, sometimes without me noticing and she has no want for praise. She is so ready, she’s just too stubborn sometimes. If she says no she’s not going to use the potty, she really does mean it! Yesterday she decided to go nappy free, we had one accident all day (on my mums sofa, oops). Today, I decided to keep up the consistency;  naturally we have just had the zillionth accident- that’s not an exaggeration- of the day one of which she panicked and went in her toy kitchen pot! The few successes we have had are minutes after an accident when I have managed to get her on the potty with a book to finish up (WHERE DOES IT ALL COME FROM?!). So despite being asked regularly- apparently the promise of a treat just doesn’t work any more- today is not our day either, I know they say Rome wasn’t built in a day but some progress would be fab.

OK… Chill… no-one move…. She’s just gone, on her own!

WE HAVE LIFT OFF!! We have this.

Lets just hope it lasts x



Trying to make the potty interesting!


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