Secret Fairy Garden Tradition


I have very fond memories of entering through the secret gate in the wall, going to the small ‘fairy doors’ by the pond and having a wonderful time exploring the castle ruins, up the hills and finding coins the ‘fairies’ had left. It was so magical and felt like a special place only we knew about. Unbeknown to us this was because our Secret Garden is in fact not a secret at all, but local old castle ruins and grounds; no one else had a clue this was the place we referred to as the secret fairy garden. My parents managed a serious amount of distraction to keep the magic alive for myself and my siblings for a long time. It is only now I have grown up and moved closer to the fairy garden I realised it for what it is. The castle ground are a  tranquil place in the local town, surrounded by stone walls and further fields and of course the worn out crumbling ruins. The garden now feels somewhat smaller than my memory, the ‘fairy doors’ are battered and defaced but it’s enchantment remains.

Now I am a Mummy, I am keen to recreate the magic. In a world full of uncertainty and children growing up so fast I want to create as many memories, traditions and happy experiences as possible. So when better to start than a sleeting Saturday, wrapped head to toe in thick and woollies, armed with chocolate coins (left over from Christmas),o and why not also make it our first nappy free trip too (just to make it that little bit more exciting).

It’s fair to say the trip was a success! In every way possible. Amelia loved finding the ‘magic fairy coins, all by herself’; except it was not by herself- anyone else got a toddler who pays no attention to things directly under their nose? In a way that worked to our advantage, being sly does not come naturally to me (so I’ve discovered, I need to up my game for December next year!). She walked, ran and jumped her way up and down the wet grassy slopes and cold stone steps, tiptoed around the pond to the fairy doors and even returned to say thank you to the fairies as we went to leave. Me and Daddy had the extra surprise of no accidents from small and a very successful request for the potetee potty. It was a thoroughly enjoyable (albeit slightly chilly) few hours for all. The weather worked in our favour as the gardens felt so secluded, adding to the secrecy of it all.

Keeping up some of my childhood traditions and creating new ones of our own means a lot to me. Traditions are often found around Christmas time, but I am so keen to have some all year round. I have a few I want to start, which need to wait until small is older to understand so for now this is our only one we can do year round. Does anyone else have childhood traditions they have continued? or some that you have started for your own?

If you would like to see the Vlog of Fairy Garden adventures, please go to our YouTube channel- A Country Mumma (





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